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Ophthalmic Standards

The AOA Commission on Ophthalmic Standards and the AOA Seal of Acceptance Program

Upcoming Meetings of the AOA Commission on Ophthalmic Standards

  • April 29-30 2011
    AOA Spring Planning Conference
    St. Louis, MO 

The AOA’s Commission on Ophthalmic Standards (CmOS) is an appointed group of volunteers who represent the AOA in the national and international bodies that develop ophthalmic standards. Commissioners currently serve on ANSI, ISO, and CIE/USA committees, helping to develop, modify and approve the documents that help guide the ophthalmic industry and optometric profession.

The CmOS also administers the AOA Seal of Acceptance Program. The AOA Seal of Acceptance is a recognized mark of conformity that may be granted to a product that has been tested to the standards adopted or specifications developed by the CmOS. The AOA currently offers a Seal of Acceptance in ten product categories, and new categories are always under consideration.

The AOA Seal of Acceptance may be awarded in the following product categories:

Categories Recently UNDER CONSIDERATION for the AOA Seal of Acceptance

  • Hand Sanitizers/Equipment Sanitizers
  • Microbiological Standard for Contact Lens Disinfection
  • Near Eye Displays
  • Oxygen Hyper Transmissibility of Contact Lenses
  • Prescription Inserts
  • Privacy Filters for Visual Displays
  • Reading Lamps