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Federal Advocacy
Federal Government Relations

AOA-Federal Legislative Committee

Staff: Jon Hymes

Working cooperatively and collaboratively with all areas of the AOA in general, and with the Washington, D.C. office specifically, to organize and implement “The Plan” to put AOA in a strong proactive position at the federal level over the next 4 years.

  • Work with the affiliates and AOA-PAC to re-work, coordinate, and implement the federal keyperson system to insure that we have the right keypeople in place and to have those keypersons assisted by politically astute optometrists in each state for every member of congress.

  • Working with the affiliates to organize, coordinate and implement “Optometry only” fundraisers and such other political activity as deemed appropriate for the leadership and key committee members in Congress. The goal is to have 100% of these activities complete within the next 4 years. (2 down, about 58 to go!)

  • Working with the affiliates to help organize and coordinate the necessary fundraising to accomplish the above goal.

  • Work with AOA-PAC and the affiliates to elevate the bar for political fund raising to a minimum of 20% participation at $500/year.