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Summer Invitational Research Institute

July 9-13, 2012

The American Optometric Association's Council on Research and the American Academy of Optometry's Research Committee announces the 2012 Summer Invitational Research Institute. This will be the tenth Institute co‑sponsored by the AOA and the AAO. It will take place July 9-13, 2012, in Columbus, Ohio.

The goal of the 2012 Summer Invitational Research Institute is to produce collaborative clinical research project proposals. The 3 ½ day Institute will consist of morning sessions with lectures from experts in biostatistics and research methodology. In the afternoons, attendees will break out into small groups depending on their interests. There will be facilitators assigned to each work group who have a proven track record in research design and funding for research projects. These facilitators will help shape research interests into research questions and assist in designing a proposal. Attendees are not expected to complete a research proposal but to establish the beginning of a proposal with other interested individuals.

Previous Summer Institutes have resulted in successful clinical research grants in keratoconus, amblyopia, hyperopia, low vision, bifocals in myopic children, convergence insufficiency therapy, contact lenses, and screening of preschool children. Applicants are also encouraged to apply who have an interest in health services research such as outcomes research, evidence based practices, environmental health and vision, need for and access to eye care in underserved populations (to name a few).

Applicants who have no clinical research skills, as well as those with varying levels of research experience, are eligible for the workshop. Application to attend this workshop is open to all optometrists.

As part of the application form, you are asked to submit your own idea of a research topic. Based on the topics submitted, the Planning Committee will select the appropriate faculty. The applications will be reviewed by the Committee and you will be notified of the results. If selected to attend, you will be asked to meet for a two-hour introductory session during the Academy meeting in Boston in October 2011.

The American Optometric Association and the American Academy of Optometry will pay for your registration fee and most meals for the 2012 Institute. All other expenses are your responsibility, or your institution can sponsor you.

The deadline for receipt of the application form, CV and letter of recommendation is July 18, 2011.

Mail or E-Mail the application package according to instructions on the application form. For more information contact Charlene Datig at CDatig@aoa.org.