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Federal Advocacy

Physician Practice Information Survey

The AOA is very appreciative of those optometrists who took the time to participate in this joint venture. Optometry’s response rate has been very high – 123% completed responses. Please see the attached for additional information. If you receive a survey in the future, we would ask that you fill it out. Thank you very much for participating.

Physician Practice Information Survey - Completes as of 08/15/2008

Specialty/ProfessionGallup Useable CompletesDmrkynetec Full CompletesTotal CompletesDesired Completes Responses% CompleteTotal Number of Responses (includes partial completes)
Allergy and Immunology1696112100112%162
Cardiothoracic Surgery13395210052%89
Clinical Psychology823315062%37
Clinical Social Work729365072%59
Colon & Rectal Surgery3966105100105%136
Emergency Medicine2333512528%55
Family Medicine179210927540%160
General Practice3242710027%41
General Surgery16415711550%104
Hand Surgery1101102100102%135
Internal Medicine610010635030%156
Interventional Pain Medicine5657010070%100
Interventional Radiology0474710047%86
Medical Oncology4182210022%37
Nuclear Medicine3262910029%71
Oral Surgery (Dentist only)3961100100100%107
Orthopaedic Surgery8404810048%76
Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy305355070%57
Pain Medicine4283210032%50
Physical Medicine and Rehab11556610066%104
Physical Therapy23618410084%129
Plastic Surgery7445110051%77
Pulmonary Disease3515410054%87
Radiation Oncology1585910059%82
Registered Dieticians11435410054%71
Reproductive Endocrinology11314210042%68
Sleep Medicine9435210052%81
Spine Surgery7253210032%52
Vascular Surgery7606710067%99
Total611 2,644 3,255 5,860 56%4,493

As previously reported

AOA and AMA Conducting Physician Practice Information survey - OPTOMETRISTS TO RECEIVE SURVEY PACKETS NEXT WEEK

For the first time in nearly a decade, the American Optometric Association (AOA), the American Medical Association (AMA), and more than 70 other health care professional organizations, have worked together to coordinate a comprehensive multi-specialty survey of America's physician practices. The survey will collect up-to-date characteristics of thousands of physician practices from virtually all specialties, and be used in efforts to positively influence national decision makers to ensure accurate and fair representation for all physicians and patients.

Getting our nation's policy-makers to understand today's landscape and the requirements for care is critical. These data will allow medicine to articulate the challenges of running a practice that provides expert patient care, while operating a business that is sustainable. The study results will not only help in the short-term but will allow future generations of doctors to continue providing superior care to their patients.

One particularly important section of the study pertains to practice expenses and the amounts that are attributable to you. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have indicated that the results of this study will be used to help determine physician payment. Please encourage your staff to make this information available as the survey's success depends on accurate and complete data. This information will remain confidential. The survey firm, Dmrkynetec, will not identify any individuals or entities participating in this research.

Dmrkynetec, a survey firm with extensive experience in the area of physician practice finance, has been retained to administer the survey. Dmrkynetec will contact randomly selected physicians and practice managers in order to collect their confidential responses. Please watch for this survey and complete it thoroughly and accurately. Do your part to represent our profession.