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DOA Member Activities

Below is a list of DOA members in active leadership of organized optometry at the state and national levels.

DOA Board

President - Troy Raber, O.D.
President Elect - A. Aaron Yatskevich, O.D.
Executive Director: - Philip Gross, O.D.
Secretary - T.J. Smith, O.D.
Treasurer - Aimee Parker, O.D.
DOA PAC - Hayley Sprague, O.D.

Paraoptometric Section

President - Holly Zakrociemski, CPOT
President-Elect - Jennifer Rogers, CPO
Treasurer - Beverly Beebe, CPO

State Board of Optometry

President - Sonja Biddle, O.D.
Past President - Carl Maschauer, O.D.
Member - Charles Simon, O.D.

Special Olympics

Opening Eyes/Healthy Athletes:
Clinical Director - Don Blackburn, O.D.
Volunteer Coordinator - Holly Zakrociemski, CPOT

Winter Thaw

Troy Raber, O.D.; Joe Senall, O.D.; Yvonne Kneisley, O.D.; Roger Ammon, O.D.


Chair - AOA Federal Relations Committee - Michele Haranin, O.D.

AOA Aviation Vision Committee - William Monaco, O.D.

HITSG - Health Information Study Group - Philip Gross, O.D.

InfantSEE® Liaison - Don Blackburn, O.D.

AOA Advocacy Leadership Workshop - Susan Betts, O.D.; Aaron Yatskevich, O.D.

2020 Summit - Susan Betts, O.D.

Healthy Eyes Healthy People™ - Don Blackburn, O.D.

Chair - Paraoptometric Test Development Committee - Holly Zakrociemski, CPOT

BOT Nominating Committee Representative - 2007 Susan Betts, O.D.

AOA Congressional Keypersons:
Coordinator - Joe Senall, O.D. (Sen. Thomas Carper)
Michele Haranin (Sen. Joesph Biden, Rep. Michael Castle)